Mass production of balls

 August 10, 2017 – 02:28 pm
Shop Color - it, where there are photo goods in bulk , garlands, caps, candles wholesale , sky lanterns, where you can buy souvenirs for you and your loved ones glad to see in you on the site. From the last article, we learned that the official creator of the balls was Faraday. Eighty years later, no one knew the cake turned into a popular amusement for others. No celebration in Europe has taken place without balloons from rubber. The balls filled with gas, which allowed them to fly into the air. In mass productionBalloons wholesale arrived in 1847. Then, in order to inflate the balls, they used hydrogen gas and no one thought about the danger of such gas until an accident occurred in 1922. Someone decided to joke and blew up a few balls, as a result of which an official was injured. After such an unpleasant incident balls were forbidden to fill with hydrogen and began to use gas such as helium.

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