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Travel Free Graphic Designer Morning and Afternoon «Jobs in Fortaleza  July 31, 2013 – 00:00
10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop

University Digital Work: Travel Free Graphic Designer Morning and Afternoon

The University of the Digital Work (UTD), an initiative of the Department of Science, Technology and Higher Education of the State (Secitece), is receiving applications for free course. The new classes are scheduled to start operations in early August.

Classes run in morning and afternoon shifts, which provides care to diverse audiences. Classes are held at the headquarters of UTD, the building of the former Cine São Luiz, in front of the Ferreira Square, downtown Fortaleza.

The workload of the course is to be completed in 80h/ae aetembro. The option of UTD is the use of Free Software and the grid is present programmatic discipline of entrepreneurship as a way to enhance the training and hence the inclusion in the labor market.


Hours: 80 hours / class
* Unit I - Introduction to creating and manipulating images
Initial presentation of the course; types and extensions pictures; Representation of colors and patterns.
* Unit II - GIMP
Knowing the GIMP interface and its menus, introduction to layers; Knowing the tools and filters; Working with layers and their ways; Installation ons for GIMP.
* Unit III - Inkscape
Knowing the interface of Inkscape and their menus; Knowing the tools and filters; Working with layers.

Entries in UTD are permanent. To register, applicants must be aged from 16 years and be literate. Are made at the headquarters of UTD (Rua Major Facundo, 500, 10 º andar - Centro), Monday to Wednesday, from 8 am to 12 noon and from 13 hours to 17 hours. Candidate must possess RG, CPF and proof of address.

UTD - Major Street Facundo, 500 (building of the old Cine São Luiz), 10 º andar - Centro Fortaleza
Telephones: (85) 3454-1969 and 3454-1257

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Your company is stupid

They are nearly doubling their cost for hardware and software.
Now, you don't just need a license for windows XP, you need the more expensive hardware for a mac, the software licenses for a man, and now on top of it the license for the MS OS you will use in the VM environment, on top of the license for the VM engine itself!!
Your company is filled with morons, unless you are a graphic design or similar shop, this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.
and yes, I know you can get VM software free, but that is only for personal use, not for corporate use like in a situation like this.

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Watch Free 3D Home Design Software - Get A Computer Software ...
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Flat Design: User Interface Takes a Back Seat  — CMSWire
Windows 8, Google Now, Facebook, iOS 7 … "Skeuomorphism" — lifelike 3D effects such as push buttons, linen, fake leather and trash cans — has definitely fallen from grace.

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