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Adobe Design & Web Premium :: Software :: Alpha Channel  August 29, 2013 – 00:01
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1. Important advantage: the purchase by Alpha Channel allows you to make professional use / commercial software because all the import taxes are collected and the invoice is local, which guarantees its accounting regularization and 100% nationalization of the product.

2. Warning: if you choose to buy directly from the manufacturer's website, remember that you will be regularized only to the software company, but not with the Brazilian tax authorities, limiting the personal use of the product (not professional / business). In addition, payment may be made in cash and IOF rates will be charged for international spending on your credit card.

3. The product will be delivered only by download. We do not provide physical products (packaging, printed manuals etc.).

4. The technical support and all usage and installation are provided directly by the manufacturer's website.

5. The Alpha Channel is not liable supports installation, operation and compatibility of the software with the computer used.

6. Courses on software are not included in the purchase. Please refer to our grid if necessary courses of training.


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