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5 Tips For Finding A Graphic Design Jobs


Our team quite understand any of SMEs, private owners and non-profit organization's network requirements, and has helped many clients to complete website building and follow-up services. If you want the world through a network so that more people know you, or to create more business opportunities, please contact us. Please contact Lenny Lin, (408) 421-0948 or e-mail Email address is being protected from spambots. You need Javascript enabled to view it .

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1 one-stop service: We provide everything you need for Web and graphic solutions.

(2) Professional staff: Our team is a group of experienced and skilled web designers and developers.

3 Competitive Price: We use the latest tools, so you can have the most cost-effective solution.

4 intimate exclusive service: Our designers and developers will help you from start to finish to complete the construction.

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Believe that in Italy to become a freelance is one of the few chances you have to fill the absence of a "real" job, as definerebbero our parents. Many young people, like me, have been discovered freelance without an initial awareness of wanting to truly become: we start with small jobs to someone you know in the end you end up with several clients to manage. In my case, being a freelance allows me to earn more money than I would have received as a young member of staff employed in some studio or advertising agency (perhaps as an intern). At this point it becomes so difficult to go back and give up the freedom, independence and gratification of a freelancer.

A visa for Canada and overseas experience that must have been very important to you, you tell us something?

My Canadian adventure began in 2010, when I felt the need to get away from home for a short time to live an intense experience and visit the North America. I found in the city of Toronto everything I wanted and hoped: nature and innovation, multiculturalism and kindness, efficiency and beauty. After I filled the eyes of so many new and energy, I was perfectly aware that the homecoming would be difficult for sure. The curiosity and the fear of being trapped in a world devoid of stimuli that pushed me to fill out the application and obtain a visa from the embassy that will allow me to work in Toronto for an initial period of 6 months. This is the "Working-Holiday Visa" that the Canadian government, in agreement with the Italian awards each year and are limited to young people between 18 and 35 years. I am increasingly convinced that this kind of experience can only be positive, especially for those who choose to pursue a career in visual communication: the more you look at the world better you are able to communicate.

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