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Embroidery Prices | What does embroider cost?  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Printing textile printing stamp Costs & values ​​for TEXTILE PRINTING & EMBROIDERY

We embroider / print on textiles from one piece,no minimum quantity!The Following Following prices are only indicative,Because The price can vary DEPENDING on size / design / number.Needle embroidery textile embroidery

Our courses are targeted at private consumers and businesses. The Following Following prices are exclusive VAT.Tshirt printing logo back
For more information,see the table and beyond the table!

Print (at 1 piece) Embroidery (at 1 piece)

Print Logo small

4:50,- EUR

Embroidery Logo small

5,- EUR

Print Logo big

14,- EUR

Embroidery big log

15 - 20,- EUR

Print small text

4,- EUR

Embroidery small text

4:50,- EUR

Print big text

14,- EUR

Embroidery big text

14-18,- EUR

For embroidery a mechanical template must be created Which has to be paid only one time,the price for a logo for the template is 25,- EUR incl. Normal text for £ 15,- EUR incl. VAT.

For both,textile print & embroidery we need a high quality graphic or a vector graphic;


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