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Rome: Adobe's new graphics test software for free!  October 26, 2010 – 00:00
Top 15 Free Mac Apps for Graphic Designers

from Peer Göbel 0 Photoshop and Indesign in one: The market leader in the field of design, Adobe may surprise with a multi-functional graphic software that you download for a limited time for free and test it online. The "Project Rome" is much more user friendly than the professional versions - and still offers many opportunities, websites, flyers, CD covers, presentations, invitations, and to make some more. We show you where you can graph the all-rounder Rome free download - and take a first look at the features.

Rome was not built in a day

Adobe tinkering for some time to cloud-based solutions for the graphic design field. With "Rome" but now is an all-in-one package in the starting blocks, the web pages (with Flash and Air) to brochures can be a lot. With Photoshop Express version Adobe had already tried to place a stripped down version of the graphics software on the net, but Rome goes a step further.

Rome is free for limited time. The graphics software can be started in the browser or downloaded as a client. An Internet connection is needed in all cases. Adobe reserves the right to make the software after the trial period costs - even those who have downloaded the free trial, then you have probably reach into his pocket.

In a first test run Rome shows a large range of options, which should usually be enough for everyday use. Templates invite you to tinkering with animations, numerous fonts, graphics import, effects, and layers.

The project can be exported as PDF and SWF Flash (of course), also known as JPG and sent to the printer. Rome uses its own file format with the extension. Anh that works for all projects. Therefore, there are no interface or import feature to Photoshop, Indesign and Co. For the casual user Adobe now offers a practical, currently free all-in-one graphics solution that pays debug it.

Rome free download or launch the browser
Adobe's new graphics suite for everyone


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