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The graphic "auto-entrepreneur" Shane Blog  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

auto-entrepreneur If you are a freelance graphic designer or web designer independent, self contractor status will be all the rage. Since 1 January 2009 this scheme is exceptional. This new tax system is quite suitable for graphic arts and freelance graphic designers.

The entrepreneur:

Since January 1 this year, "the entrepreneur" is the simplest possible system to create an activity independent graphic designer. It is made for freelance graphic designers who want to start a business without taking risks and easily.

Yes, but for whom?

You are a designer, freelance graphic designer in a design studio or in print, web designer, designer, freelance photographer ... You want to supplement your income or start working right out of your studies and graphic communication. You will discover by reading this article, why this new graphic status "entrepreneur" is it a small tax revolution. Any contractor or commercial craft wishing to create additional activity income, or work only as independent and live its turnover. The self contractor for freelance graphic scheme is obtained by a simple statement at the Centre for Business Formalities. The registration process thus using a paper form or directly on the internet.


Become a graphic designer entrepreneur?

- Working as a freelancer.
- Start a business or craft activity (graphic, designer, webmaster).
- Achieve sales (CA) less than 32 000 € for services.

What are the benefits?

- The statement is simplified.
- The freelance graphic designer does not charge VAT.
- The entrepreneur is required to register in a register.
- The social tax contributions are deducted That a time the turnover. If you do not work and so if you do not charge your creations PRINT or WEB you do not pay any charge or tax!

Stop my work as a graphic designer entrepreneur?

The graphic "entrepreneur" can interrupt its activities without being subject to the formalities and administrative and fiscal obligations.

Benefit from ACCRE?

The ACCRE (Helping Unemployed creators Repo Company) is an exemption from social security contributions for one year as part of a project to create business. The graphic "entrepreneur", he enters the award criteria will be eligible for this assistance.

The graphic "entrepreneur" is subject to a flat rate of payroll tax of 12% of sales for sales and 21.3% of revenues for services will not be totally exempt from this payment, earnings the ACCRE allow him to reduce the percentage applied to the CA.

Tax obligations:

The accounting entrepreneur graphic

The graphic "entrepreneur" should provide a very simplified accounting. Then just hold on a daily basis a book mentioning the amount and source of income with distinction cash settlements of other regulations. Self Contractor shall keep its purchase invoices and to those he prepared for his clients.


Предлагаться восстановленный гидротрансформатор акпп цена.

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