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Pratt Institute Pratt Institute was established in 1887,is a New York City in the United States east coast of professional art and design college that offers quite a variety of Majors Divided into building schools and art and design colleges,there are 25 acres school in Brooklyn,New York United States east coast,famous alumni have Lauber Redford,Betsey Johnson fashion designer,American avant-garde theater home Robert Wilson Robert Wilson,as well as Taiwanese artist Jun T. Lai Mei Ding Yan,etc.

All students are about 4600 people,mostly undergraduate students,faculty about 900 people.Where international students represent about 20 per cent,features: the only traditional-style campus around the east coast of art schools,the main campus is only 7-10 minutes away from downtown Manhattan by car,take the subway,then will have 15-20 minutes,providing the school board and the school network.Another Pratt Manhattan campus in West 14th Street (near 7th Avenue) and 18th street there Studio.2005 renowned architect Steven Holl,Department of Architecture for Pratt Museum renovation,but also one of the attractions of the place.mfa00pratt.gif

Pratt Institute,a total of three,the first is building,and the second is art and design,and the third is the College of Humanities,College of Art and Design,which is divided into several series,there are quite a few major,here are listed only department offers master classes and majors

2013.07.11 update application fee,in addition comd mfa degree programs also have a!Before that only ms degree.

Usnews1997: [19] Usnews2003: [13] Graphic Design: [9] Industrial Design: [5] Painting / Drawing: [18]
Usnews2006: [13]
Usnews2008: [15]
Fider Interior Design 2003 rating: [2]

1. Pratt Institute School of Architecture School of Architecture
provide a three-year Master of Architecture,in addition to a two-year Master of Urban Design.Due to a long history,is said to be the New York construction industry snakes.Department Museum has a special design,been reported Oh!

2. School of Art and Design College of Art and Design

This includes the pratt institute of art and design department,divided into very many,to carefully Kanwo!Pictured comd own series on network blog.


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