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[Teaching] to use PhotoShop create GIF animations @ "Lan settings"  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

1.jpg Today to share a practical tips ~ GIF animation graphic production, this format can be used in advertising animated Banner, Logo, stickers etc. design, production is simple and has a dynamic effect, quite popular, there are many software implementations can be done, such as the very popular early Ulead Gif Animator has an earlier version of PhotoShop or ImageReady subsidiary programs can be produced.2.jpg Since today a student asked how to use PhotoShop make GIF, so this paper to PhotoShop for teaching demonstration it!

Mentioned above, in the early versions of PhotoShop, there is a specially crafted GIF animation ImageReady program, but the current version has not, so we have to be directly produced in PhotoShop.3.jpg

◎ complete example:

1 first prepare some "same length and width dimensions, resolution, same but different contents, " the picture, in which the design is simple to prepare Lan wrote 123 three pictures.

2 Use the "Toolbox" → "Move Tool" + SHIFT keys, respectively, and a synthesis of the two to three in the middle.4.jpg

3 When finished you can see in the Layers panel have a total of three layers.

4 Perform "Window" → "Animation" to open the animation panel.

5 Turn on the panel following screen will appear, and there will be the first frame has occurred and shows the 1st picture.

6 Tap the bottom of the first frame of the time, there will be the length of time set painted leather menu, tap Other.

7 In the Settings screen, enter the number of seconds required to complete press OK.

8 Then tap the bottom of the animation panel "Copy selected frames" button, you can add a second frame.

9 add a second frame, the screen is as follows:

10 Select the second frame, and to the Layers panel on the 1st picture layers do shut down, then the second frame is displayed on the 2nd picture content.

11 Repeat the above action, add a third frame and close the 1st and the 2nd layer to display the 3rd picture content.

ps Each frame also can set the number of seconds required for playback.

12 all the pictures and frames are set up, run the file → Save For Web and installations.

13 Then select the output format to GIF, animation is "always", then press Save.

14 Then decide on the storage location and file name completion chatter!

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5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg


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