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 August 10, 2017 – 09:27 pm


English and work experience: USA, UK, Australia ... English and work experience: USA, UK, Australia ...

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Language level:
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United States, England, Ireland, Canada, Australia ...

This does not mean that the web designer is a professional "cast". There are many sites that are beyond the standard and surprise those who view them. The problem is HOW to do this.

Professionals who work with web, think beyond graphically, needs to have a logical: how programming the site will handle your layout correctly, without harming the user?

Professional Responsibility

Every professional has to create a load that needs to take: the responsibility not to soil the name of his client, be it a small, medium or large company. But it is this responsibility that is heavier on the back of the graphic designer. Why?

Imagine that, inadvertently, the file you sent to the printer, which will serve as the basis for the impression of, say, ten thousand pamphlets, is a serious error, such as a very low resolution image. Ready, doom is made. In the physical world there is no ctrl + z, and the damage is all the designer.

In the case of web designer, despite having a job that also involves a good measure of responsibility, their mistakes are easier to be corrected. Most of the time, just replace the file on the server and ready.

It is clear that a serious error displayed on a site of great placement can also mean a huge loss. But in most cases, the professional internet can more easily correct their mistakes.

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