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Yonge Street Toronto, a shop selling 60 yuan identity card | Toronto + Police  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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WASHINGTON July 22, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporter Su Mingming compile reports Toronto) Toronto police in a variety of counterfeit crimes prosecution three shop staff, they run a Yonge Street (Yonge Street) stores and websites, allegedly in Ontario Sales outside North America over the fake identity card. According to the "National Post" reported, workshops identity card (ID Shack) the production of documents depicting it as "new chica." But police said on Thursday that their shops for young people seeking false identity, a card sold at 60 yuan, the results send them to the dock.

Refried beans nearby shop (Refried Beats) Staff Eric (Eric) said that the identity card workshop good business, customers mostly non-adults and people new to Canada.

Detective Redford (Barry Radford) into the home is located 634 Yonge Street shops. He made up a story about his son discovered the site, he wanted to make sure it is a legitimate business. Redford said that if I have a son's photos, he was willing to sell me then and there on the identity card. They do not care sell it, used to do.

He said that the forged identity card, very serious consequences. Because identity card can be used for criminal activity, but also allows young people to buy alcohol.

The workshop image ads on the site, said ultraviolet printing, holograms, magnetic stripe encoding and three-dimensional bar codes, and encouraging people to transfer high-quality photographs, in order to improve the appearance quality of the card.

Investigators said that the police got a search warrant store and found a large number of different provinces and national identity card, passport fake reporters and firefighters identity card. Police also seized a number of identity card, postal receipts, computers and cash. Including store owners and two employees three individuals accused.

29-year-old Maria Pereda ‧ ‧ Martinez (Maria Pereda Martinez), 27-year-old Julie ‧ Jimenez (Julie Jiminez) and 42-year-old Andrew ‧ Dnepr (Andrew Dnieper) is expected to appear in court on August 26 they face include identity theft, forgery and other seven accused.

The identity card workshop did not conceal their illegal business, it is Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have publicized. It is on the Internet, claiming to be "headquartered in Toronto, Canada, graphic design company." ◇ ◇

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