Advanced Graphic Design course

Course / Training Advanced Web Design and Art Direction Digital Lisbon  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
Advanced Graphic Design | Graphic Design Course | Sessions College

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About the Program

"Using the best professional trainers and educators these schools have the power to sculpt and shape their apprentices being supported media and latest tools on the market."
Renato Miguel, Digital Art Director at The Grand Union Portugal (Fullsix Group)


1. Creativity, Strategy and Leadership
-Concept, Brainstorming and Creative Process
-Digital Strategy
-Project Presentation and Self-Promotion 2. Design Communication and Languages
-History of Advertising and Digital Communications Consumer Psychology + + Copyright and Ethics
-Design and Visual Communication

3. Digital Interface Design
-Digital Trends
-Principles of Interaction / Digital Design
/ UX - User Experience
-Digital Advertising and Digital Media Design
Web-Design - Html/Css3 & Javascript / CMS - Content Management Systems / Illustration / Motion Graphics and Video / Infographics
Design Small-Screen and Touch Screen Design

4. Digital Marketing
-Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and Mobile Marketing
-Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization
-Social Media Marketing

5. Draft Final Course

* Syllabus subject to change.


Includes: workload, thematic final note, tutors, stamped and signed by the management of the educational program and the school administration.


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