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RealWorld Paint comment added: November 2012

It 'a drawing program (and editing) very nice, with lots of useful features, such as the layered structure (layer), of which you can also change the opacity.

On the site (within the program itself) are also well made video tutorials that explain (in English) how to use Paint Realword to accomplish various tasks, including removing small objects from the background, fix red-eye, use levels (layer), etc.. E 'can also create simple animations using GIF special features.

At present it is one of my favorite drawing programs.



If you need to draw or retouch the images manually, it is definitely recommended.

It 'also available in Italian localization of all the latest versions, just go here (last page for version 3.20 and 3.22 beta). It 'simply unzip the file you will download in the root folder of Paint.Net, and the next time will also be included among the Italian languages.

On there is also a guide to create photomontages with



Artweaver free

It 'another program of high quality, the kind of, which you can use free for purposes cmmerciali.Fast, lightweight, intuitive, so that you can use in an instant without reading a line of instructions, with a great user interface, but also powerful, and most importantly in Italian.It 'pretty much on the level of, or nearly so (for those looking for a lightweight and immediate may also be higher).

Unfortunately, there are categories in which to find free programs of excellent quality is very difficult and other like-this-in which the value applications are several.




It 'a software simple and straightforward, with a nice graphical user interface (one of the best in its class), valuable for drawing freehand, with many interesting features (for example you can cast a shadow from one layer to another, etc. .).Like all graphics programs that respect, supports the drawing layers (layer).


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