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Mutina ceramics & design | about Mutina  August 29, 2013 – 00:01
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The best adventures, the successful ones, are the result of circumstances: the end of a story is the beginning of another. So it was for Mutina, in 2006, embarks on a new path. Thirty years of history in producing ceramics are invested by a wind of change that leads her to choose a different route. That the project of the author, the tailoring production that combines technology and handmade, experiments that challenge is also to go beyond the limits of the material, research essential high quality of the final product. Accompanied by a new way of looking at the ceramic coating but not simpler it the same interior design project. A look shared by those designing for Mutina. And that appeals to those who choose Mutina.

Passion for art, good design, architecture. Admiration for those creative spirits, the authentic ones, in different fields, from graphic design to photography, to fashion. Mutina we always look to the great masters, whose teachings are a constant source of inspiration. On the one hand, the imperative Less is more Mies van der Rohe, one of the fathers of the modern movement, then the Decalogue of good design by Dieter Rams, pioneer of minimalism, and, last but not least, the claims of Bruno Munari, multi-faceted an artist-designer, inviting you to explore the world with different eyes. Second, the lesson of a deconstructive fashion designers such as Martin Margiela, its use of elements and different textures for creations that make the show, followed by the color field paintings of Mark Rothko, with his large canvases covered entirely by extensions unchanged color and, next, the palette of Agnès Martin, which employs exclusively black, white and brown, later faded in ethereal colors. These references formal and visual Mutina, not to mention the works of Hiroshi Sugimoto, whose photographic technique leads to grasp the sense of time in the pictures.

In every project we keep the ten commandments of good design by Dieter Rams: 1. Good design is innovative 2. Good design makes a product useful 3. Good design is aesthetic 4. Good design makes a product understandable 5. Good design is unobtrusive 6. Good design is honest 7. Good design is durable 8. Good design is taken care of down to the smallest detail; 9. Good design is environmentally friendly; 10. Good design is the art of the infinitely small.


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