The popularity of the twister

 August 10, 2017 – 02:37 pm
In the past articles, the store Color - it, where you can always buy toys in bulk , the story of the creators and the unsuccessful policy of implementing a twister. Let's now find out how he became popular. As they say "everything has its time". That time the twister came on May 3, 1966. This was due to the well-known at that time show Johnny Carson. On this day, the actress Eva Gabor was invited to the show. Communicating with the actress about her life and acting career, Carson decided to offer to play with him in Twister. Eva actually agreed without hesitation. The show was not over yet, and viewers were already sitting by the phones and were looking for a game in all stores. Just one year after this significant date, Twister was sold at a rate of three and a half million copies. That's how the twister got its popularity.

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