The first Voyla package

 August 10, 2017 – 02:22 pm
On October 26, 1852, the history of all paper and gift packages began. The fact is that on this day Francis Voyle received his first patent first in the US, but in England and France, too. He patented a completely new machine that can make bags and bags of paper. Voyll was the most talented inventor, but he did not have an engineering education. With the help of this machine, he wanted to create packages that would be available to everyone. For more than one year this machine has evolved and now it differs little from modern machines. Thirty-one years later, Charles Stivell received a patent for a package different, from the package of his predecessor. The difference was that they had a dense bottom and corrugated walls, but the handles of these packages were never there. They appeared only in 1906 in Germany. At us you will find a lot of interesting products, such as wholesale balloons , crackers, interesting neon things, photo albums, will be able to drink souvenirs and other goods for the holiday in bulk .

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