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NVIDIA GTC 2013 keynote speakers announced  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

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Pioneers of genetic research and product design visionary keynotes at the Chrysler Group will hold the GPU Technology Conference

GTC 2013 shows progress in GPU-based graphics,cloud computing,design engineering,entertainment,science and much more

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Santa Clara,California,GTC,2013,21 February 2013 - NVIDIA today presented the list of top speakers its fourth GPU Technology Conference (GTC) ,from 18to 21March at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose,California,takes place.

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jen-Hsun Huang devotes his opening keynote at the 19thMarch at 9.00 clock local time (17:00 CET clock) the growing influence of GPU technology on games,science ,industry ,media,entertainment ,design and many other areas.

On Wednesday 20March of genome researcher says Erez Lieberman Aiden about the three-dimensional analysis of human genome sequence,enabling scientists insight into genetic behavior and fundamental biological processes of life.Aiden shows in how his team uses to GPUs to accelerate the analysis of vast amounts of genetic information and to simulate the physical process of genome folding.This allows thousands of researchers insights into the Genterminierung.

On Thursday,21March has Ralph Gilles ,Senior Vice President of Product Design,President and CEO of SRT (Street and Racing Technology) Fire and Motorsports at Chrysler Group LLC,the word.Gilles regarded as the head of some of the most innovative products of his company.RVG at SL He will give and explain how GPUs can be used to improve each step in the process of automotive development a glimpse behind the scenes of the automotive industry - from the initial concept design and development phases of the assembly to marketing.Gilles also talks about how the Chrysler Group uses GPUs and the latest technologies to build better,safer cars and to shorten time to market.

"The GTC is the single most important event for professionals who use GPUs to improve their work, " says Ujesh Desai,vice president of corporate marketing at NVIDIA. "Our vision in designing the GTC is to give professionals a platform was to share their research with their peers - the GTC 2013 will be the most successful so far. "

Read on for more about the GTC 2013,and on other keynote speakers in English:

About the GTC 2013 Keynote Speakers Guest
Erez Lieberman Aiden is an assistant professor in the Department of Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine and in the Department of Computer Science of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University.He is therefore the principal investigator at the CUDA Center of Excellence at Baylor and Rice University,and a fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows .He recently invented a method for 3D genome sequencing ,working with a team did created the first three-dimensional map of the human genome in 2009.

His research has won Numerous awards,including: one of the top 20 "Biotech Breakthroughs thatwill Change Medicine" by Popular Mechanics,the Lemelson-MIT Prize for the best student inventor,the American Physical Society's Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation in Biological Physics,and membership in Technology Review's 2009 TR35,Recognizing the top 35 innovators under 35


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