The study of graphic design has always

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The study of graphic design has always been linked to other areas of knowledge such as psychology , art theory , communication , cognitive science , among many others. However the graphic design features a self-knowledge that has developed through its history, but has become more evident in recent years. Something that can be realized by the creation of doctoral and master courses, on specific design in Brazil and the rest of the world. 2

An example of this type of knowledge is the study of typography , its history and its role in the structuring of human knowledge. 3

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Graphic design is an activity that has its origins in prehistory with the first cave paintings, like those of Lascaux and extend through time to the neon lights of Ginza . Since ancient history until recent times the explosion of visual communication in the twenty-first century, there is a clear distinction of the definitions of advertising, graphic design and fine art. After all, they share many of the same elements, theories, principles, practices and languages . In advertising, the ultimate objective is the sale of goods and services. In graphic design, "the essence is to give order to information, form to ideas, expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience." 4

Former student "Souther California University, " Garret get a bachelor in arts and graphic design work at FAO Schwarz (Toy Bazarr, the largest store in the world located in New York) before joining the ranks of Mattel in 2004, where he still works to date, together with his twin brother Darren.gs2

Known for his talent designer products brand Monster High Garret has climbed the ranks within the Mattel. It is lead staff designer (thus controlling the Monster High brand from dolls, to goods, advertising and licensing), it is also a manager designer, project manager and designer. At Mattel, he worked in many divisions and several brands such as: Polly Pocket, myscene, Barbie and especially as mentioned earlier, for Monster High.

He won in 2010, an award in Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for his design of the boxes of the 1st edition (basic) Monster High dolls including Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen and Lagoona.

Garrett at the San Diego Comic Con 2010

Garrett and Catrine deMew (2012)

@ Source / credit (pictures / info): GS on facebook and linkeind / MHWi

Garret sander sdcc mh 2010

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