Graphic Design Portfolio School

Academy of Fine Arts in Catania  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

26. June 2013

Workshop Graphic Design & social networks. Presentation Portfolio exhition

Students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania workshop participants Graphic design & social network
Project by Tiziana Contino
Selection of portfolio and infographics of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, carried out within the workshop Graphic design & social network, has just ended. Objectives? Show the skills and professional qualities of the students who are exposed to new clients.
At the same event BOOKSHOP LAUNCH, which opened Friday, 06/21/2013, the cultural space RHYTHM host the event-exposure PORTFOLIO EXHIBITION that will take place only on the evening of Friday, 6/28/2013.
The portfolio, developed within the workshop conducted by Prof. Tiziana Contino consist only a portion of the work exhibited. Be visible in graphic design also shows the CVs of the students and infographics made on the data provided by the Agency of ad hoc social media monitoring Keleyo, under the scientific responsibility of the David Jackson (Professor of Sociology of digital media at the University of University of Catania).

The exhibition
Matilde Armogida | Veronica Castro | Mary De Francis | Francis Distefano | Maria Emanuele | Cristina Fairy | Ilene Cristina Meli | Maria Carmen Messina | Stephan Moscow | Veronica Novara | Rosita Patanè | Milena Pirri | Krizia Pizzurro | Jessica Romano | Nicolò Speciale | Paride Spinello | Charles Tuzza | Maria Rosy Close

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