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How to learn a good graphic design  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
Online Schools for Graphic Design

學校的不斷增多, 對於想學平面設計的學生來說有了更多的選擇性。 As the growing number of graphic design schools, who want to learn graphic design students who have more selectivity. But not all schools are to choose, and in such schools are not able to learn the real thing, so I want graphic design student number, you need to find a good graphic design school to learn.

Graphic Design schools in the choice of the main consideration is the quality of teachers, for such a professional who has a good teacher to teach is very favorable. The industry needs a strong technical expertise, but for a lot of the school's classrooms to say, and not much practical knowledge of the real plane, many of which are in the lecture before learning to teach students according to the video, such schools is that it must not be selected . There is a query each school teacher salary, as a teacher's salary is fully proved its ability in the graphic design industry, which is directly proportional.

學校後, 並不是就一切都有保障了。 Choosing a graphic design school, is not it everything is guaranteed. In this industry has a fierce competition, just as those taught by the teacher in the class knowledge is not enough, because the industry is mainly hands-on design, we need the students repeated practice, for those who need to use computer software to be repeated the operation, in a good learning environment, coupled with their own efforts, in the future there will be a good graphic design career.


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