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Berlin design school - vocational school  August 28, 2013 – 23:59
AIGA | A Design Education Manifesto

In publishers, agencies and editors graphic designers and photographers are in demand today than ever before and also in fashion plays an eye for shape, color and cut an indispensable role. Our designers are masters of their craft and easily find their place in creative industries, whether they are the star designers of tomorrow or the trends for the digital media world. The Vocational School for Design
Since 1997, the BEST-Sabel forms Vocational School for Design
• Photo Designer / in
Graphic Designer / in - print / web
• Graphic Designer / in - 3D/animation
• Fashion Designer / in

The training / product designer / we form in the center of Berlin-Mitte.

All these courses are nationally recognized and are completed with a state examination. We not only provide extensive theoretical knowledge, but also lead to a variety of practical skills our graduates in various subject areas.
The Technical School of Design
In 2002 BEST-Sabel founded the Technical School of Design. It is located in the same building as the vocational school and teaches the technical college for the
Focus on design in a one-or two-year course system.

Website design school in Köpenick


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