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Free instrument software-OpenOffice.org Chinese version download  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

"OpenOffice.org" What?

OpenOffice.org is a cross-platform office software suite in Windows, Linux, MacOS X (X11), and Solaris operating systems perform. It is with all the major office software suite compatible. OpenOffice.org is free software, anyone can download, use, and promoting it.

Suite advantage

OpenOffice.org is not only a combination of six major components, but with similar products different is that this package is not created as an independent software modules, from the outset, it is designed as a complete office package.

* All packages have a similar appearance, ease of use, such as "style" and other "first learned to use everywhere" tool. OpenOffice.org keep up with your computer similar appearance - Once you change your desktop, OpenOffice.org will change accordingly.
* Use the same tools between components the same - for example, Writer drawing tool which uses Impress and Draw Inside you can use to.
* You do not have to know which application which is used to create special files - you use the "document" can "open" any OpenOffice.org document, the correct application will run.
* All packages share a spell checker, if you change a component package inside the "Options" in the bag and the other components will also be changed.
* All data can be easily transferred between components.
* All components can be stored in the OpenDocument file format (a new international standard for office documents), an XML-based format format compared to similar products, disk storage is more reasonable, any compatible OpenDocument standard software are able to access your data.
* Use the installer, all components can be one-time installation.
* All releases are based on the same open license - no hidden costs

For people who do not like Microsoft, on the set of instruments should be no stranger to the program

Currently supported operating systems are available for download and the latest official version: 3.2.0 (2010-2-17)

Windows [Traditional Chinese Version] [Simplified Chinese Version]
Linux 32-bit RPM [Traditional Chinese Version] [Simplified Chinese Version]
Linux 32-bit DEB [Chinese Traditional Chinese] [Simplified Chinese Version]
Linux 64-bit RPM [Traditional Chinese version (with JRE)] [Simplified Chinese version (with JRE)]
Linux 64-bit DEB [Chinese Traditional Chinese] [Simplified Chinese Version]
Mac OS Intel [Chinese Traditional Chinese] [Simplified Chinese Version]
Solaris x86 [Chinese Traditional Chinese] [Simplified Chinese Version]

OpenOffice.org Chinese version of the official download page

By the ServerZoo host direct download (zip) 3.2.0

“安裝主程式” ▼ Step 1 "Install the main program"

“下一步” ▼ Step 2 "Next"

“下一步” ▼ Step 3 "Next"

“完整安裝” ▼ Step 4 "full installation"

“下一步” ▼ Step 5 "Next"

“完成” ▼ Step 6 "Finish"

“軟體註冊” ▼ Step 7 "Software Registration"

“輸入相關資料” ▼ Step 8 "input relevant information."

“勾選自動更新” ▼ Step 9 "check Automatic Updates"

“是否要送出註冊訊息” ▼ Step 10 "Do you want to submit registration message."

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