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By Carol Hevia

In my almost three years following the E-Dublin,one of the most frequent questions is about the design area here.So with this post I will try to answer the most frequent questions I get from classmates designers who arrive here without really knowing how to start the search for the so dreamed job in the area.Let the main questions:

Need English to get work as a designer?

At first I always say is that you need to have at least one reasonable English for you can sell your fish in the interview and subsequently to understand briefing and changes.After making a good impression in the interview can make all the difference!

But we also have to take into consideration the fact that practical work is very helpful at all in Brazil we used the same programs and commands that we use here.I always say that a portfolio with a good English "half-baked" might open more doors than an Englishman and a portfolio sharp "more or less".If you choose to do freelance work,there has to crawl in English,after all you will handle the entire process from negotiation through briefing,changes,printing (if necessary) until payment.

Brazilian designer is well regarded outside of Brazil?

I would say yes!When I came here I confess I was a bit shocked by the lack of aesthetics in the design of things we see in our day-to-day as menus,ads,packaging etc..And the same thing happened when I started working as a graphic designer here,seeing things that had been made previously in the company.I think in Brazil we may have more access to art (at least in Sao Paulo) and all types of events that contribute to our inspiration and new references.So,in general they dig this baggage behind and we mainly pike to work.In fact,prepare to slow that life loka turning night into agency-based energy and coffee.Here (hopefully) the pace is quite different!:)

A reference of Brazilian designer who lives here in Dublin and is increasingly successful with his talent and his illustrations giant fluffy is Tarsila Kruse.She has developed a lot of products with his illustrations for Shamrock Gift Company,always participates in collective Blind Elephant Illustration as well as personal projects.Every now and then,we find it works for the city,as this photo of the nearby Christ Church.(Photo).

Then's there proof that if you have talent and chases,has room for you too!You can learn more about Tarsila this post e-dublin .

Worth doing unpaid internships (work placement)?

It is quite common to find such stages in which you spend time working for the company without receiving.It is clear that paid work is ideal but a work placement can always be a good experience on your resume,local plays in its portfolio and reference for potential employers.Or,as in my case,after a while the company may like your work and hire you for paid contract.: D

Design events in Dublin

Every year rolls Behance Portfolio Reviews is an annual meeting organized by designers from around the world in various capitals,where you can carry your stuff,submit and receive / give feedback.I highly recommend going and make contacts and friendships as well as meet people with the same interests as you,you still makes a network.;) To know the date of the meeting this year,stay tuned on their sites.

Now,the biggest annual design that rolls in Dublin's OFFSET.This year it will take place on 5,6 and 7 April in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and will bring together speakers from diverse areas such as illustration,photography,graphic design,fashion and other things.I went last year and highly recommend it,is a bath of inspiration!And at the end of the first day of the event (Friday),rolls an exclusive party which is also a great opportunity to meet designers worldwide.



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