Features and types of gouache

 August 10, 2017 – 08:27 pm

In the last article, the store Color-it, in which you can buy pens wholesale , paint, plasticine, backpacks, exercise books wholesaleAnd other cheap stationery wholesale , he told how the gouache differs for example from watercolors. Let's get acquainted with the other pluses and minuses of gouache.

The gouache lacks transparency, its composition includes a large content of different fillers, pigment and binders. So that after your drawing dries, it has a whitish hue, white is added to the paint.

Gouache is sold in 2 types. One of them is poster, and the other is artistic. Poster gouache has saturated colors and density is higher than artistic. Artistic gouache has a traditional composition in which white is present.

Now in the market, which you can buy wholesale stationery, a new kind of gouache, gouache paints on acrylic basis. Basically, according to the performance characteristics, it does not differ from conventional gouache, except that when it dries up its water resistance increases.


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