Sponges for washing dishes

 August 10, 2017 – 02:37 pm

Cherokee eternal love America and the French Touch in the late 90s - when Superfunk was the Stardust. Discovered by Shiny Disco Club label, they show just as comfortable remixing Daft Punk ('Something About us', a success) and for outputting a first EP 'American Spirit' very inspired. Interview Playlist foot DJ booth.

/ / ITW Behind all major groups, there is a great boss.
For the Belgian label Pelican Fly is Dj Slow holding this position.
As a DJ and Artistic Director (A & R) label, it cleverly mixes urban music in North America with some sophistication, who betrays his true legacy European side.
These sets give a perfect insight into the mind of Pelican Fly label and a constant innovation and evolution.

We find pleasure in the evening 55 DSL X Pelican Fly on September 13 at the Social Club. He takes his friends Mister Tweeks and Richelle (Pelican Fly) to accompany the American duo Nguzunguzu and Manaré the stable Youngunz and brand ambassador 55 DSL.

Now it is difficult to find owners who did not have sponges for washing dishes. Sponges are irreplaceable products for the kitchen . They are produced more often by all of such materials as foam rubber or microfiber.

Such household goods as sponges are in demand, because they save money for dish washing. All because they detain in themselves the means by which we wash dishes. Plus, they all wash much faster than with hands.

In ancient times, the first natural sponges were created. They used them for washing instruments from glass and silver.

In such sponges there was sand and eggshells. So as not to scratch with sand and shell dishes, such sponges had to be well lathered to leave them in water for a day or two. The water had to be changed until it was completely clean. Then it was necessary to check whether there is no shell in it and only after that it was possible to take up washing dishes.

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