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About Surface Surface is a studio for corporate & Culture style. Besides working for notable brands, Surface is increasingly busy in the fields of contemporary and performing arts, architecture, music and exhibition. Surface's conceptual approach of design and strategy Derives Solely from the content of the enquirer Develops and accordingly, in order to avoid stylistic and semantic randomness.

Among its clients Surface counts nationally and internationally renowned companies and cultural institutions, : such as the Serpentine Gallery, London, Zumtobel AG, Hugo Boss, BMW, Sternberg Press, Jewish Museum Berlin, DuMont Press, Manifesa, Siemens Art Program, Documentation, Jewish Museum , Frankfurt, Historical Museum, Frankfurt, German Architectural Museum, Frankfurt, Foreign Press Office, The Forsythe Company, Frankfurt Staedel Art School, Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt, German bank as well as the Opera Stuttgart. Numerous projects were developed over and above Those listed for non-specific areas and published as author design.

Surface Employs thirteen professional designers in Frankfurt and Berlin thathave been trained in different fields of expertise. The management is lead by designer (MA), Prof. Markus Weisbeck, who founded the studio in 1997. Florian Feineis, Fousse Angelica, Anna Landskron, Gina Monk, Miriam computing, John Russo, Katrin Tüffers, Max Nestor, Pascal Kress, Anina Beuchert, Farina Krause, Lea Spaeth, Silke Eiselt, Maximiliane creepers

Source: www.surfacegrafik.de

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