Myths and reality of the production of gift packages

 August 10, 2017 – 02:23 pm
In the last article, the store Color - it, where you can buy balloons wholesale and other goods for the holiday , told you about when and where the tradition appeared to put gifts in packages. But when did they start production? We will learn about this in this article. Similarly, no one knows when exactly the gift packages appeared in the usual way for all of us. There is one version that packages appeared in about 1650 - 1670 years. They appeared in the abbey of the Order of Visitation. There the nuns made paper bags to give gifts to children. This is even a note in the notes of the famous French art researcher Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. As a sign of respect for their parishioners, on holy feasts they were presented with presents in bags made of sholka and decorated with thin gold embroidery. Children also received different delicacies in bags made of paper, which were glued to the hand, and replaced with glue, served as a flour paste. All these packages were decorated with angels. In our store you can buy goods for the upcoming New Year holidays, such as wholesale Christmas trees , toys for them, streamers, New Year toys and lots of other things.

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