Handmade typo determines his life

 August 10, 2017 – 09:16 pm

Examples are given of editorial design and the work of some of the most representative artists-designers,both Mexican and foreign.Background information is given academic discipline and outlines the elements to characterize Mexican design made prior to the founding of schools of design.Garone Finally I reflect on the state of historical studies of design in Mexico.

Marina Garone Gravier is designer graphic communication from the Autonomous University of Mexico,Master in Industrial Design in the area of theory and history (Faculty of Architecture,UNAM) and a PhD in Art History (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters,UNAM).It has the specialty in typography and editorial design at the School of Design in Basel,Switzerland.It researcher Bibliographic Research Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico,a member of the National Researchers System of CONACYT,and Coordinator of the National Newspaper Mexico.His research interests include the history of books,publishing and typography ancient Latin,print culture in indigenous languages of Latin America and the relationship between design and gender.

Handmade typo determines his life! He allowed his skills already in place among other clients such as MTV, Amelia's Magazine, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle Outfitters, Rome SDS and Polyvinyl Records proof.

2007 is the colorful, 256-page soft cover book, created that contains only two digital typefaces and their work is done very cautious! Works are shown in alphabetical order of about 50 Kreatven whose works revolve around handmade typography of all kinds - whether tinkering, drawing or painting - fans of the handmade here sure their satisfaction and get great delight in creating guaranteed!

"Hand Job collects groundbreaking work from fifty and an international array of today's most talented typographers who draw by hand. Graphic designer and hand typographer Michael Perry selects work Representing the full spectrum of design methods and styles. Each hand-drawn work is Entirely shaped by the artist's unique process-every one a carefully executed composition enhanced by unplanned "accidents" of line, color, and craft. Handjob therefore includes photographs of found type, artist's studio, and the tools did help make typography come to life. Whether you are looking to invigorate your design work or are just in need of a little offbeat inspiration, Hand Job will have you reaching for your favorite pen. " (Princeton Architectural Press)

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