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Internship abroad: UK - CTS  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
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Internship abroad in the United Kingdom: small local and large international companies, formal rigor tempered by the British humor, valuable experience in the cradle of industrial civilization.


The program

The program Internship in London is distinguished in:


General Internship (subject to availability)

An excellent opportunity to enhance your CV with an international experience during the break between high school and university. The positions are generally in the commercial world and the General Administration, enabling you to improve your English in a real context and in contact with people.


  • be at least 16 years;
  • English level B1 (intermediate);
  • Duration from 2 weeks onwards;

The areas available are General Administration and Retail.

Professional Internship

Aimed at students and graduates who want to maximize their job opportunities in an increasingly competitive labor market. If you're over 18 and you are eager to improve your skills aptitude, as well as your English, this is the program for you.

The company will be chosen according to your professional goals. The longer I will be the stage, the more benefits will derive from this experience.


  • be at least 18 years;
  • English level B1 (intermediate);
  • Duration 6 weeks onwards;
  • Work experience or certifiable study in the chosen field.

Graduate Internship

Aimed at graduates with an advanced level of English and previous professional experience in the field of their choice. The program allows you to transform the university absorbed the theory in practice in a professional environment such as the British. To be eligible for this program you must pass a telephone interview in English!


  • be at least 21 years;
  • English level B2 (upper-intermediate);
  • Duration of 16 weeks or more;
  • Work experience or certifiable study in the chosen field;

For the Graduate Internship the host company will reimburse expenses for public transportation and meal when you are on duty.

The areas available for the Professional and Graduate Internship are:

Hotel & Catering (10 weeks)
Graphic Design (Portfolio required)
Web Design (Portfolio required and a minimum of 8 weeks)
Public Relations
Travel & Tourism
Law (minimum 4 weeks)
Fashion (portoflio required for Design)
Art Galleries
Architecture (Portfolio required)
Finance / Accounting (minimum 8 weeks)
Human Resources (minimum 8 weeks)
Events Management
Real Estate

Offering that may be of interest!


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