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SOCIAL CLUB - Magazine  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

/ / ITW This month is City, a member of the famous duo Renaissance Man, who takes the time to realize the visual October for the Social Club. Here is his interview while waiting to find out more during the evening Milles Feuilles Tuesday, October 2, alongside her musician teammate of Nautiluss (Turbo - Hemlock / Canada) and finally Molecule (Thousand Leaves - France).


Art director and graphic designer since a decade. Co-founder of Motion Atlas Studio & Associates together with Stefan Narancic. Since 2010 member of the One Louder agency in Paris.
Since he left His native Sweden 12 years ago and lived he've Worked from Copenhagen, London, Tokyo and now temporarily from Paris.
His work spans from movie to video management and graphic design for garments and music exhibition and art direction.

/ / ITW Videographer and artist, member Frederic Magazine, Apollo Thomas feeds of disparate influences, Italian design Memphis, Metal, satanic rites, California Minimal Art Space Age and meetings between avatars of superheroes ... Non-narrative deconstruction of "memes" and modern myths.
After the release of graphzine "REPLICA" published FLTMSTPC, and an exhibition of drawings BD Spirit, Apollo visual sign of December Social Club

/ / ITW Cherokee eternal love America and the French Touch in the late 90s - when Superfunk was the Stardust. Discovered by Shiny Disco Club label, they show just as comfortable remixing Daft Punk ('Something About us', a success) and for outputting a first EP 'American Spirit' very inspired. Interview Playlist foot DJ booth.

/ / ITW Behind all major groups, there is a great boss.
For the Belgian label Pelican Fly is Dj Slow holding this position.
As a DJ and Artistic Director (A & R) label, it cleverly mixes urban music in North America with some sophistication, who betrays his true legacy European side.
These sets give a perfect insight into the mind of Pelican Fly label and a constant innovation and evolution.

We find pleasure in the evening 55 DSL X Pelican Fly on September 13 at the Social Club. He takes his friends Mister Tweeks and Richelle (Pelican Fly) to accompany the American duo Nguzunguzu and Manaré the stable Youngunz and brand ambassador 55 DSL.


Магазины межкомнатные двери эконом класса.

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