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Basic course in graphic design / September  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Basic course in graphic design / September We learn the main elements of graphic design from the point of view of theoretical and practical, directing students towards their own style research. We will analyze all the variables that contribute to a finished object to become an idea and we will design together a graphic.

As technical support will use Adobe InDesign, with a few hints in Adobe Illustrator.

Lesson 1: Introduction

- How to set up a project

- Formats and printing techniques

INDD> overview on the program, setting a file, main palette

Lesson 2: typography

- Overview of the different typeface families

- Choose and use the right type

INDD> windows and text tools

Lesson 3: layout

- How to structure an elaborate

- Hierarchy of information

INDD> creation of a file, import content and setting

Lesson 4: iconography

- Vector and raster images

- The use and choice of images

INDD> use of picture boxes and vector objects, links to other products adobe

Lesson 5: iconography 2

- Insight into the vector images

- INDD> strument for vector control / AI> Introduction to Illustrator

Lesson 6: design 1

- Start of work on the theme chosen

INDD> read more

Lesson 7: review

- Review and discussion with the class of each document

Lesson 8: Printing

- Finalization of the projects

- Preparation of an executive file for printing

INDD> printer profiles and the creation of a file for printing


Cost> 140 €

He leads us ... Giulia Rizzini
graphic and photographic studio photographer @ Kartu
Born in 1982, graduated in graphic design at the ISIA in Urbino, where he received after the degree in editorial photography. He works as a graphic designer since 2006, carrying out parallel his passion for photography and video. In 2012 he founded the photographic studio with Luca Righi Kartu.


Source: www.arcifuzzy.it

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