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We recently received our formspring the following question:

"I wonder what you think of the Course in Graphic Design Technologist, even as a short course (2years), is valid?"

Delicate question, and even controversial for some people ... so for those who are reading this article, ask calm and tranquility, it is a topic that usually raises tempers (and why not say the fury) both of whom are in favor, as who is against this type of course.

For convenience, let's make a comparison.

Many professions have recognized and regulated "versions techniques" with courses in two years or less. This is fact.

Technical nursing, technical and nutrition, technical chemistry, electronics, informatics, in mechanics, in accounting, in pharmacy, in buildings etc ... just take a search on google to see that the list continues.

But a technician in nutrition is not a nutritionist, as a pharmacy technician is not a pharmacist and so on. That is not in dispute, and a student who makes a technical course knows that you will not get a Bachelor's degree. So far so good?

These formations are both to meet the needs of the market, as to offer the student a training cheaper and faster to expedite their entry into the labor market. Agree or not, this is reality.

Therefore, one course in Graphic Design Technologist is yes valid to meet this market demand and students. But just like the others, is a course that does not form a Graphic Designer, but a Technician in Graphic Design.

The idea would be to form a professional service to meet the demands of the market also. In a mere hypothesis, in an "ideal world" the Technician Graphic Design would not be an art director but he who does more activities linked to production, such as application of a content of a magazine in a graphic stiffer production manuals, monitoring and finalizing some graphic arts.

As the profession is not regulated, the colleges with these courses "sell" subjectively ILLUSION a shortcut to the student and he will be as "designer" as they took a course with twice the workload.

The question is mathematics, four years is twice 2. The double experience, double the content, twice the studies, double learning. If they are the same, there would be no more courses of four years, after all, to pay twice as much if the result is "almost the same" '. Who chooses a course of 2 years because they think it's the same as a 4, is fooling themselves.


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