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Interview with Nicolas Guy, graphic designer.

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Hello Nicolas, if I'm talking about graphics, what does it evoke for you?

Nicolas Guy: When I hear "graphics" I mean to speak by signs, and thus the images. It can be expressed in thousands of different ways and to express a multitude of things. From there, the word "graphics" reminds me of a cartoon or not very wide visual field, which all have a purpose: to convey a message. The nerve center of the graphics, this is the message or intent. I speak of intent for the graphics may have the purpose of making a political statement, an informative message, but also an emotion or feeling.

What are the types of projects that you work now, if it is not indiscreet?

NG: Currently, I finished a long mission in France Televisions Digital Editions. I speak to them in Web design. France Télévisions began its transition to digital a little late, and as a web designer, I helped to modernize their image by participating in the redesign of websites and promotional communications systems. Besides that, I just realized a series of video clips to promote a young French company that distributes electric scooters and I am in the process of delivery of a website for an association. I regularly makes videos

interview for Oracle WebTV.

How do you conceive your projects?

NG: Most of the time a team. I work a lot on the Internet, and for a site or application, the design of a project is a real team effort. You always start with a creative and functional brief, to summarize needs. To meet these needs, each profession brings its expertise and the project takes shape. In the case of a website, the design is just one component of its focus from marketing,

production, development, or any other person who would have a say in the production.

What is a good graphic for you?

NG: This is not an artist. By definition, an artist has no constraint. However, the graphic

of modern times is surrounded by constraints. A good designer will be able to accommodate all the constraints being creative. In this case, creativity is not a goal in itself, it is a solution to problems.

After the clips, what are your other projects? A movie?

NG: The Dream ... No, I think I'm about to attack me in a web series. I'm a fan of this style of entertainment, and I have ideas running through my head

for a while ...

When you started the Intuit Lab school, were you a precise idea of your future job?

NG: As this was my third school, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted

advertising. Art director in a large Parisian agency. And then four years Intuit Lab, we think, we change, we re-thought ... we exchange serious. The whole world of the internet has sucked me and web design, photography and video have

imposed on me.

You drew a little? You did some photo?

NG: I drew no more than that, I was not naturally gifted. And even working very hard, I do not remember making sparks. However, I was doing photography for small and I was already trying to web design and typography in Photoshop.

What did you have acquired during the school year?

NG: I have acquired a lot of skills, be it graphics, technical, artistic ... But there has been very rewarding especially humanly, intellectually and spiritually. This training Intuit Lab is a very personal thing as the philosophy of the school motivates you to reveal your personality on paper! And so to do, we must learn to know, to question,


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