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Graphic Design | Sterling Business College. Perth, Western Australia

Monitored by the government of Australia, with excellent structure and covering several areas, the course provides technical skills of great importance for the labor market. These courses of various levels, depending on the degree of knowledge of each.

Schools offering technical courses, for having obvious links with industries, develop courses according to the need of the market area in question. Ie, content always present.

The duration of a technical course vary depending on the time available and the needs of the student learning. In general, it translates into a period ranging from three months to three years.

What do I need to join a technical course in Australia?

To join any of these courses, it is essential to have completed high school. Moreover, it is often asked for a certain level of knowledge of the English language, from the intermediate (some schools ordering the IELTS test with 5.5 average or some other test).

According to the duration, technical studies fall into Certificates and Diplomas.

The duration of the courses of Certificate going 3 months to 1 year (minimum of 20 hours / week), while the Diploma courses lasts longer (on average 1-2 years), precisely because they are formed by 4 Certificates ( from I to IV).

Some advantages of technical courses:

  • They are very well regarded by the Australian market;
  • Upon completion, allows students to pursue their studies at a university;
  • Classes averaging 15 students per class;
  • Wide variety of courses (marketing, advertising, hospitality, administration, tourism, graphic design, accounting, nutrition, among others);
  • Highly qualified teachers working in the area of ​​the course in question.


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