History of candles

 August 10, 2017 – 02:26 pm

Brooklyn Museum: Vital Forms: American Art and Design in the

Summary: At the end of the nineteenth century, the dialogue between the visual arts and music opened precedents for the applied arts, or business, would encourage the consumption of the musical show. In parallel with the technological development of the music industry, the music has to be recorded and marketed. The marketing of recorded music, in turn, was also buoyed by an interest to explore up a visual connection with the contents of the recording. In 1940, this interest was manifested directly by American graphic designer Alex Steinweiss, when he began designing album covers 78rpm discs for Columbia Records. Steinweiss was not the first commercial artist or graphic designer to design an illustrated cover for albums 78rpm discs but when designing covers, pioneered the intention to pursue a semantic correspondence with the musical content of the discs. This thesis has as main objective the recovery of the main historical and cultural conditions that helped characterize the work of Steinweiss and he was enabled successfully incorporated the music industry.

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In this article we will learn the history of the origin of candles.

Although candles and enjoy more than five thousand years, but we know about their origin is not much.

Quite often you can find such information as the candles were invented by the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian began to use candles from 3000 BC. These candles were significantly different from those we used to see. Candle itself was made from the core of rushes, and its wick was made of a core cane soaked in animal fat.

For the first time candles were officially mentioned around the tenth century BC. The first candles had a very simple appearance. In the container with fuel was placed a wick.

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