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To design school at Laval University | Sophie Gall  August 29, 2013 – 00:01
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"We have already passed the most difficult steps, " says Claude Dubé, dean of development, architecture and visual arts. It seems that the blessing of the highest levels of the University is only a formality.

From October 27, the School of Design gradually gain independence. Currently, the design programs are an integral part of the Faculty of Visual Arts. "After 40 years of incubation, the discipline has improved, has developed its own expertise, so it is normal that it be recognized as such and be independent, " says Claude Dubé, excited by the project. He draws a parallel with the School of Architecture, which began being built at the School of Fine Arts, which took off in 1960. Over time, this split will allow the School of Design to specialize more, "and the School of Visual Arts will also be able to redefine" says the dean. Everyone will benefit.

The first two years - 2012-2014 - will be used to lay the groundwork for a major design school. "Initially, we will resume the programs graphic design and animation. From September 2014, new programs will be integrated as a degree in industrial design, advanced degrees and master's programs. We plan to integrate a program by year 2014. "Claude Dubé would like this new school is in the building of the factory. "But we are already cramped, he said. We'll see if the City can eventually occupy the space it has, but if this is not possible, we will have to move elsewhere. "

Better synergy

The creation of such a school will have many benefits. According to Mr. Dubé, we see a reconciliation between teachers and students, as well as synergy between the school and the design community in Quebec and the surrounding area, allowing students to become professionally. "We will work with Mission Design, which includes several professional associations and players in the field of design." Mission Design ( ) is a Canadian non-profit organization that seeks to provide a force to the industry by combining design and economic development.

"We're going to have a more active school, we will attract renowned faculty, you will have exchanges with the world enthuses Mr. Dubé. On October 27, it will join Cumulus, which is a network of design schools around the world. "

Claude Dubé is certain that this new design school will also be "a big plus" for the city. Obviously, people trained here will bring their expertise to urban development, revitalization, among other things. "Mr. [Regis] Labeaume love innovation, I hope that the City will jump at the chance to show what we do and what we are, "exclaimed Claude Dubé mentioning some projects with the City are already on the drawing board, without detailing what it is.

Just back from Saint-Etienne, France, or the Cité du design platform organizes a variety of activities around the design every year, said Claude Dubé want to see this type of event in Quebec. "The biennial conferences on design, it would complement the cultural vocation" of the city. The message is launched ...


Designer's Days, Paris, France, every year in June:

"Route through the city, many stops, open houses and design exhibitions.

Design Days Geneva, Switzerland every year in September:


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