Abrasive, cellulose and plastic sponges

 August 10, 2017 – 02:34 pm

In the last articleOnline store household goods Color - it, where you can buy bags wholesale , foil, electrical tape, wholesale gloves , tents, fumigators and many other household goods , talked about such types of sponges as foam and metal.

Abrasive sponges are made of hard material and not all of the dishes fit (especially for dishes with non-stick and enameled coatings), since they can harm them. Such sponges will easily wash away fat and food, which burnt out.

Sponges of cellulose are excellent for cleaning any wet surfaces, such as shower, taps in the kitchen and bathroom, for washing the bathroom itself. Their shelf life is not more than a few weeks.

Sponges made of plastic can be bought for replacement metal sponges. These cups can not get hurt and they also perfectly clean the fat and food that has stuck to the dishes.

As a bonus track,the work itself that occur during their workshop Zimbres be used,step by step and day by day,to build just the exhibition presented exclusively for Colombia in Casatinta.

FABIO ZIMBRES is the author's most respected contemporary Brazilian comics scene and one of the most daring and relevant artists of Latin America.Designer,illustrator,animation art director,graphic designer and editor. He graduated in Fine Arts at UFRGS,in São Paulo,and was part of the team that created and edited the fanzine Animal.He has collaborated with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo and has participated in several journals and international media,such as Le Dernier Cri (France) and Le Monde Diplomatique (France).In the comic world,has participated in some of the most important publications in Brazil and abroad: Big Bang Bang,Dundum,Lapiz Japanese,Rosetta,Lapin,Fierro and Comix 2000.He is the author of the comic The Adventures of My Seven Uncles,Antropomorfos Music,Happy and Boa Vida.It is currently represented by the gallery soon,in São Paulo.It is a precise comic and illustration workshop leader for the best universities in Brazil and an exhibitor who has participated in the most important festivals of the world drawing.Currently lives in Porto Alegre and will be first in Colombia in Entreviñetas Festival 2013.

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