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Open source software and open street map planning hiking trips  August 29, 2013 – 00:00
10 Excellent Open Source and Free Alternatives to Photoshop

I found myself on 2013/08/04 at the Taipei International Convention Center hosted COSCUP 2013 published a speech , to share in the past year, climbing fanatic, the use of open source software and other publicly available information experience.

Open street map (OpenStreetMap) is one shared by the world's masses of grassroots governance and sharing of map data, map data with the traditional difference is that you can take the initiative to enter the map database and determine what information is displayed when to be displayed. Such as open access pictures and volunteers entered the high-voltage tower, you can see on the map the entire high-voltage tower alignments, providing more routes reference information. Another example is that some Japanese climbers often gone era or aboriginal sites, those changes because of political power has been canceled or rulers renamed names, you can also open street map is displayed again, which is not being forgotten .

Open street map using open license, you can do all sorts of free use. In this presentation, I describe how through open source software and tools to perform mountaineering trip planning and analysis, and how to export the data from open street map into Garmin map data files that can be used to facilitate overseas travel time You can have a basic mountaineering map data as a reference. (Currently using DEM map data accuracy is only 90m)

Learn more about Open Street Map See 2012 open street map seminar.


Истинные шедевры высокой парфюмерии.

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