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ABOUT U.S. | COSTA REI - SUMMER SEA, 2013 - SARDINIA -  August 29, 2013 – 00:10


Company Profile
We operate in the field of web designers, graphic advertising and publishing, with particular interest in the development of Internet services and the creation and production of new formats editorial / multimedia.

South East Sardinia Sas
An Internet Solution Company are young, thus combining experience and technical / administrative and commercial sectors: Web, Graphic Design, Publishing.

South East Sardinia Sas manufactures products Digital Design innovative, original and technically advanced.

Our strength lies in putting together heterogeneous workgroups: experts in marketing and communication, graphic designers and technicians. Our goal is to create attractive graphics products, functional and responsive to the expectations and needs of the customer.

Effe Erre Srl is the owner of the head Sardinia South East, a free press magazine geared to welcome tourists, guests at the facilities located along the coasts of southern Sardinia.

Sardinia South East News and its supplement Sardinia South West.
An editorial initiative that aims to provide operators with tourist - hotel, local administrations and companies in the food & drink from the southeast Sardinia, services and tools for business promotion and development of tourism marketing - territorial, with an innovative approach focused on publishing and new media formats of advertising on the internet.

Sardinia South East is a publication registered at the press at the Court of Cagliari at number 6/06


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