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Mexican Psychedelic made in Toronto - The Fanzine  August 29, 2013 – 00:01
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By: Dan Panza / / @ Danler

André Castro, Mexican psychedelic artist in search of new artistic visions in the world.

Readers Choice Winner in the contest of the magazine Now Magazine in Toronto. His work has also been published in the famous magazine Juxtapoz. In 2010 his designs were exhibited at the Corona Capital in Mexico City. André tells us a little about your experiences as an artist constantly growing and as it has influenced live in another country.

What is your full name? Are you Chilango or that part of the Republic come and how old are you?

Enrique Castro André Duarte. I was born in Mexico City in October 1981, I have 30 years. I grew up in Leon Guanajuato. I'm a graphic designer graduated from the University of La Salle Bajío in 2005.

When did you decide to become an artist and how long have you been doing?

I decided to be an artist since I studied high school, but I took it more seriously when I finish college. I've been illustrating since 1998.

Why did you decide to go to Toronto? Tell us a bit about your experience as an artist there.

I moved with my family. I had the opportunity to learn a new language and experience a new lifestyle. The experience of being an artist in Toronto is totally awesome that I can work with various artists from all over the world, whether working or simply sharing visions to develop new styles.

How do you explain your work?

Basically it is the result of my current favorite art: Psychedelic, Pop art, art nouveau, minimalism and abstract art. I try to combine them all in my work, always emphasizing details. I like to show something that is more hidden than can be seen with the naked eye. The color, ink and markers are my property.

What are the differences between the art scene in Mexico, Canada and the rest of the world?

Mexico has a great influence and diversity of incredible artists who represent us around the globe. Many of them emphasize the Maya culture and covers topics on what represents us all as human beings. The work of Raul Casillas and Mario Martinez, AKA "Mars 1" are two of the people that I always follow.


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