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A growing number of approved foreign universities  August 29, 2013 – 00:01

The demand for courses in internationally renowned in the fields of Engineering, Arts, Business and Graphic Design leads increasingly to students Bandeirantes interest in universities abroad. In 2013, so far, no students passed in twenty foreign universities, divided between Canada, the United States and England. But there are still students awaiting results.

Lawrence Lin Murata and Fernando Al Assal Lawrence Lin Murata and Fernando Al Assal

The competition, which further intensifies for foreign students, a record in some of the universities reaching over 100, 000 competitors, in one case. "The acceptance of students from prestigious universities highlights the personal and academic preparation of each, " says the coordinator of English Language and International Affairs, José Olavo de Amorim.

"This growth of interest primarily reflects the number of students enrolling to provide the SAT in high school" explains Olaf, who, together with the team of teachers and coordinators, assists students and their families to organize the entire process of application. In addition to the increased interest in SAT, students also turn to summer programs in foreign universities, which offer language courses and some important disciplines for training students with international interest.

In addition to aiding the student, the Band also helps family members to understand that the selection process laborious and competitive. "We try to help the student understand and get organized with everything that he needs to submit your application, such as documentation, choosing the proper university for your type of course and even how to study for the SAT exam. And all that he has access right here in the school, "he adds.

The former student Lawrence Lin Murata, formed last year, was highlighted by the approval of the Yale Dartmouth, two components of the universities of the Ivy League, American League most prestigious universities. His choice, however, was Stanford University, known to have an important role in the creation of Silicon Valley, Polo global entrepreneurship.

"The Band played a key role in these achievements and was the scene of my development not only academic, but also personal, many of my projects and extracurricular activities" says Lawrence, extremely pleased with their results. "It takes much effort and passion for extracurricular activities, " he adds.

Featured also takes approval from the University of Chicago, for Fernando Al Assal. School of Engineering offered by the University is highly reputed and well different courses in Brazil. "Making the application for American universities was a process sometimes stressful, but always aggrandizing, " said Fernando.

The following is the list of approved and their respective universities:

Penn State University - University Park, Pennsylvania

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign - Urbana, Illinois

Stetson University - DeLand, Florida
Bryant University - Smithfield, Rhode Island
Michigan State University - East Lansing, Michigan
Babson College - Wellesley, Massachusetts
Emory University - Atlanta, Georgia

4. Fernanda GUSHKEN
Carleton College - Northfield, Minnesota
Boston University - Boston, Massachusetts
University of Southern California (USC) - Los Angeles, California (School of Engineering)

University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois (School of Engineering)


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