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in an elaborate show

Via Valverde 2 - VARESE - tel.0332.820670

The ATM Provincial Voluntary FSO School of Varese,with the collaboration of the Provincial Student,organized this year the Solidarity Day,which took place Friday,April 27,from 9:00 to 13:00,in the squares S. Victor and Podesta,and also in Corso Matteotti in Varese.
This festival is a kind of final event of the path of voluntary activity durations school year from various points School Volunteers.
Students involved or sensitive to this issue have marked the day with creative and expressive activities,music,games and sporting and artistic.Various charities have instead exposed material.
Our School participated with the following proposals,coordinated by prof.A time of submission Franco Carenzo:

  • Art workshop for children: salt dough,pasta and necklaces with beads,finger paints,the decoration of a sheet.
  • Games for children: balloons long to "transform" into animals or other,face painting.Event poster
  • Musical entertainment with acoustic instruments
  • Juggling
  • Exhibition Hip Hop
  • Modern dance performance
  • Ballet Performance
  • Portraits passers
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    E 'born ISOLAAAAAAAAA,the blog created to document the educational initiatives related to some external projects in which they are engaged high school students,among which,those for the day of the art 2012.

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    At the baptistery of the Parish Church of Masnago from March 11 to April 14 was a small exhibition of works by students of the first,second and third of the High School on the theme: "Man needs God?"
    The subject was dealt with in the hours of Religion by prof. Franco Carenzo through texts drawn from essays,testimonies and biblical passages.Subsequently,with the aim of teaching for competence ie dell'utilizzare interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to develop the potential of the students in a situation of task concrete and "real" (ie not just strictly education) as required by the Reform Gelmini,was they were asked to produce a work on this subject with free technique.
    Some businesses located near the high school have agreed to sponsor this exhibition,to provide a prize to the three works best.
    Through the "valuable" opinion of prof.Emilio Corti were awarded the following prizes:
    first prize to Paul Costantini 3 ^ A,second prize to Fabio Monti,Francesca Ferigato and Ricardo Gambirasio 3 ^ Esl,third prize to Gabriele Crespi,Luca Pagani and Mirco Molinaro 3 ^ Fsl.

    Hours: 9:00 to 12:00 15:00 to 19:00 every day

    Saturday,March 3rd at 11:00 am at the Space Clip of our school,opens the exhibition of young artist Rita Casdia.
    This exhibition opens a new season dedicated to young Italian artists using multimedia tools.
    The installation at the space CLIP,at the entrance of the school,develops in a part of Space Rossi, where projects are collected,frames and drawings by the artist.

    March 3 to March 24,2012 - Press release

    "Rita Casdia plays with the vojerismo mold Duchamp concealing the video-graphic animations" Mommy "(2005) and" Beautyfull eyes "(2007) in pre-packed structures. Video for which the artist has created metaphorical and allegorical figures full of meaning that ... starting with the complex issue of partogenesi,comes to investigate the gnosis (the essence) of the sexes and their deal. "

    Beautiful eyes by frame video animation 2007 an elaborate made by the students Artistry


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