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Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline | Psdtuts+

Strategic sector BTS Communication An introduction to business communication and strategic thinking. Knowledge of the world of media and communication tools. This curriculum in two years prepares students in Paris
Lyon and Bordeaux BTS Communication
(State diploma).

It is necessary to access the curriculum
Bachelor of SUP PUB.

Creative industry MANAA (Preparatory Workshop Applied Arts) The MANAA, lasting one year, is a preparatory class for all high school graduates who wish to pursue their studies in the field of creative and applied arts. It aims to develop the artistic culture while introducing each student to various techniques of applied arts. It develops creative skills and identifies skills before referral to a BTS Graphic Design and later, to the job of artistic director or web designer.

Students with a BAC STI option Applied Arts are exempt from MANAA.

BTS Graphic Design Mastery of tools creating both graphic and audiovisual but also facing Web and Multimedia This two-year program is built around the BTS Graphic Design, Communication option and Printed Media (State diploma).

Upon completion of this course, students can integrate creative channels SPCom (Creation, Digital and Audiovisual).

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