Sale of Christmas toys in different parts of the world

 August 10, 2017 – 02:06 pm
In the previous article, the store Color - it all for the holiday told how the New Year toys were changed in time . And in this article we learn how the Christmas tree toys spread around the world. Quite a long time such goods for the holiday , like Christmas toys, were manufactured exclusively in the city of Laush and from it went to all countries of the world. And it was only in the twentieth century that new-found toys were made in other factories in the world. The first large factories appeared in Japan, Poland, Bohemia and the USA, and in the course of time the manufacture of colorful toys for the Christmas tree was established in other countries, where it is customary to decorate a Christmas tree. With the development of the production of Christmas tree toys, the fashion for them also changed. In houses with high prosperity, the glass balls of past collections were replaced with new ones. For example, at the end of the nineteenth century fir-trees and pines were decorated with balls of various colors, then in the twentieth century one can observe the style of minimalism. Pine trees tried to decorate only with toys of two shades: white and silver. After a short time, the fashion for toys changed again. Balls of glass went into the background, and to replace them came the figures of cardboard and asterisks made from straw. With us you can buy not only bright Christmas tree toys, but also wholesale balls , original stretches, New Year stickers, you can buy souvenirs for loved ones and close, etc.


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