The first issue of Action Comics

 August 10, 2017 – 09:11 pm

This thesis has as main objective the recovery of the main historical and cultural conditions that helped characterize the work of Steinweiss and he was enabled successfully incorporated the music industry. Through the lifting of such conditions and also of the design method Steinweiss, it was observed that provided the success establishing a paradigm in that the solutions proposed by him were then taken as template and rules substituted force for the graphic design of the covers of record albums. Abstract: By the end of the nineteenth century, the dialog between visual arts and music was a great influence on the applied arts, or commercial arts, in its own task of Promoting the music spectacle. Meanwhile, with the technological development of the music industry, music started to be recorded and commercialized. The recorded music business, moved by its own interests, also explored the visual connection with the recorded musical content of their product. In 1940, the early work of the American graphic designer Alex Steinweiss was a consequence of this interest, the he started to design album covers for 78rpm records while working at Columbia Records. Steinweiss was not the first commercial artist or graphic designer to design illustrated album covers for 78rpm records, but he was the first one who expected to Achieve semantic correspondence with the musical content of the record.

The first issue of Action Comics was published in June 1938 with a new kind of hero figure on the cover: a costumed man with two identities,exceptional strength and special abilities,a man who could protect his fellow man,when the usual measures failed miserably.He was not the first superhero,but the "Man of Steel" was the prototype for all subsequent superhero.The Golden Age of DC Comics tells the story of Superman,Batman,Wonder Woman and hundreds of other DC comic book characters. It is the most comprehensive book on the subject: It describes the first decades of the publisher,from wild pulp beginnings to the comic book burnings in the McCarthy era - over 400 pages of comics,sketches,comics,photos and more comics .And when adding an exclusive interview with Joe Kubert,the legendary artist of Sergeant Rock Hawkman!

About the Series: TASCHEN's series on the DC Comics classic lit among the cartoon characters and tells the stories of the men and women who created them.It is based on the XL-book 75 Years of DC Comics,which was awarded the Eisner Award.The five volumes in a reader-friendly dimension include updated essays by Paul Levitz and over 1, 000 new images.Covers and interior pages,original sketches,portraits,scenes and collectibles have been reproduced on the latest state of the art.The stories and characters appear as in a look that makes this series a standard reference work for a new generation of comic book fans.

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