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Web and graphic designer for internal collaboration. Metastudio. (CT), Italy - Jobs  August 25, 2013 – 00:00
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Meta-study is a study of young, characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit, with real teamwork in all areas of expertise and new ways of tackling the conventional tasks. The study is characterized by values ​​such as creativity, energy and team spirit. We strive to create and maintain a field of work alive and we continuously work to become better than we are. Metastudio is looking for a web and graphic designer for internal collaboration in all project activities of the study.

Preferential criteria of selection:

• Graphic and web designer with applications in architecture and design; • Strong talented graphic and web design; • Basic knowledge in the production of 3D animation and the use of video editing software and photo exhibitions; • Knowledge of Photoshop, adobe illustrator, and other graphics programs; • Ability to work in a group and the group.

Il candidato, dopo un breve periodo di inserimento, dovrà essere in grado di dimostrare responsabilità e rapida esecuzione degli incarichi assegnati, producendo il materiale richiesto nelle modalità e tempistiche concordate. The application must be sent exclusively by e - mail at, enclosing:

• Curriculum vitae et studio rum with photos and contact details to be contacted (e - mail and telephone) • Brief letter of introduction; • Portfolio work done.

Applications which do not meet the criteria will not be viewed. This offer is open to persons of any sex.


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