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Graphic design revolution - Threadless, Crowdsource with Web 2.0 | Mr. / Ms. Days  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Graphic design revolution - Threadless,Crowdsource with Web 2.0

October 14,2007 Author: Days

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Today to talk about the protagonist,is a limited edition T-Shirt store,called Threadless ,established by the Skinnycorp its revenue figures last year more than $ 15 million dollars,converted into NT dollars,which is about 500 million or so.

It sounds like very good right? There are many large clothing business,profit figures are above the store,but the store is really very different,because it opened more than seven years,until September of this year,only in the Chicago opened a physical store in other words,it alone storefront,they achieve such impressive results! And when we carefully studied this "Network garments" business is how successful will be surprised to find that,Threadless. com is almost exactly the same with the bookmarking site!

Like with bookmarking sites? What does that mean,let me explain. no exclusive designer,unlike ordinary racquet or Wufenpu tailors,selected garments from the store,and then waiting for customers to decide whether or not to pay. It is from fashion design,product decisions,and even to clothing publicity pictures,all allow users themselves! other words,customers can upload their own design,and then through a very similar bookmarking sites push / closing the scoring mechanism to determine what new designs this week can actually printed T-Shirt listing!

This sounds very simple idea,let Threadless large growth in revenue last year,but also become the most commonly talked about Internet sector model of successful entrepreneurs.Threadless back in 2000 had founded,it started just Jack Nickell ,Jacob DeHart from a T-shirt design competitions in mind side-project. However,this idea allows them to two well-known in recent years greatly Open the computer's browser to connect to Threadless ,you probably have to admit,it website design style,really a bit like the popular bookmarking sites. general clothing store website pay attention to taste,always better to play Flash animation into the site after the question,but not the same as Threadless,entered the home,do not talk nonsense winded ,greeted Jishi Yi Zhang New Products T-shirt chunk of pictures,then you can see the points into designers and other users of the message,see other people wearing this dress photos,or directly set you want to buy the size. If a piece of clothing as a chapter of the blog post,that this process may sound,is not really much like bookmarking sites it?

We know that all over the world are interested in graphic design for T-shirt designer a few,especially in the summer,sunny,beach,ice cream and enjoyment of the season,this time around the world emphasize personality T-shirt design will have been proffered while in Photoshop,PhotoImpact and other graphics software after the rise,T-shirt design becomes much lower technical threshold,even if people are not familiar with computer operation,after 10 minutes contact with young painter can complete the simple designs. Such techniques designed for those interested in the trend toward the development of this road who can be said that a happy and sad at the same: joy is greatly reduced learning curve,you want to design their own patterns breeze; But the worry is that,as technology threshold is not high,relative to many competitors. unless your design is really superior,well-known brands are willing to make bold use of your work,or are you with what extraordinary advantages to attract media exposure (A ... this did not insinuate Parker ...),or rely on T-shirt design is simply more difficult to break a name ...


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