Operators specialized in graphics

 August 10, 2017 – 08:58 pm

Sergio Miranda

Steve Jobs durante um evento especial de divulgação do iPhone 4 na Califórnia, 2010 Steve Jobs during a special event to publicize the iPhone 4 in California, 2010 (Robert Galbraith / Reuters)

There is someone in the world of technology that arouse the same passion that Steve Jobs causes. His admirers before a select group of Mac users, can currently be found between young and old, rich and poor, experts and neophytes - a fruit of the success of iPod, iPhone and iPad. The words of the inventive genius were heard by thousands carefully connected to the internet every presentation of a new product that no one knew existed, but which, from its appearance, became an item "necessary" or even "vital". At the same time, Jobs was known as a boss extremely demanding, sometimes cruel, a perfectionist who, according to legend, came to lay off employees in the elevator of the company because they were slow to respond to an inquiry about a product in development.

Operators specialized in graphics can find a higher concentration of vacancies in their specific field, especially in areas of Rome and Milan, with a concentration of less requests, but still present, in the centers of Turin, Verona, Modena, Padua, Florence , Lucca and Vicenza. Offers almost nil in the South, with the exception of Naples.

The vacancies in the field of design require, of course, specialized skills in the various photo and video editing programs (Photoshop, illustrator, indesign), and, more or less indirectly, therefore, the diploma of high school for graphic and advertising.

While jobs in Milan are somehow a little bit more "stable" and often linked to the world of television or fashion, those of Rome have greater relevance on type events exhibition: therefore require more or less occasional collaborations (as marked by fixed frequency of at least once a week, on average) and often a greater adaptability and speed in the work.

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