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The graphic designer, this unknown (in Milan)  August 29, 2013 – 00:00

Claudia Blacks, Teikna Design

Working as a graphic designer in the country of art and design is a dream for many (including foreigners). Working in the Italian city that has its own brand of design, Milan, should be to achieve a goal.

Instead, the graphic design in Italy is an entity semidisowned. Though boasting as often happens in Italian noble origins and ancestors most illustrious graphic designers today, as small bonsai grown in the shadow of the massive "founding fathers" celebrated in museums world, are a tribe of poor visibility.

One area which absolutely international capital of thought and action are New York, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, and of which in Italy is hard to mediate the aesthetic sensibility and conceptual. Less important and boisterous colleagues advertisements (type Toscani) , devoid of academicism of the most sellable, which moreover do more architects made in Italy (the various De Lucchi, Mari, Wolves etc).

"It would be advertising?" They ask anagrafe confused when you have to write professional documents. "That you make websites?" Suggests someone more up to date.

In fact, the graphic designer are especially identity. Delle companies. Of newspapers. So also the logo, but not only that. The sites, apps, budgets, annual reports, brochures, books. The design of magazines. The guidelines that advertising agencies follow through the countryside, because the brand (ie brand) to invent us, alongside the strategy consultants.

Important things to the market, of which individually, we know little or nothing. The Italian Companies often are confused about who does what. It is not uncommon to be assigned to work in graphic design to advertising agencies who, in turn, the subcontract (with considerable disparity in salary) to graphic designer. It is not the only anomaly, but it is one of the worst.

Another refers to the principle that creative innovation prefers that of caution, understood as a practice to get away from any critical outsourcing the work to someone already known, maybe with a critical mass and gone after one becomes unassailable. Inside and outside the company.

Too bad that by its nature graphic design instead of quality is often linked to new realities and / or reduced in size. Micro rather than macro.

Paradoxically results to demand for quality and innovation, in Italy, a country of design and beautiful shape are few (these forthcoming). A lack of leadership that sets the pace and affects the entire market, including the same designer who too often end in order to adapt expectations declined the offer and trivialize themselves. Before others do, as well, to move forward.

A "self-fulfilling prophecy" that perhaps is not just about graphic design.


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