When editing features traditional and contemporary

 August 10, 2017 – 09:15 pm

When editing features traditional and contemporary edit field will expand after stirring a new vision. This workshop will lead participants to explore in the expression of editorial design work on a variety of different possibilities, through the practice immediately feel the new style edit page essential visual tension. In addition to editorial design will get a deep understanding of the application of the future can be printed in a variety of designs. Course will be divided into two parts. The first part, participants established a plan to divide the four equal portions, the golden ratio experiment with the relationship between the two-page publication. The second part of the design of the structure and editing, students will be based on the existing typical graphic design their own publications. Through this creative process, so that each student learn to quickly assess, identify content, and content with their preset editing the close relationship between architecture. Suggested to participate in the workshop participants, if equipped Mac or PC InDesign / Page Maker / QuarXpress / Photoshop / Illustrator and other computer graphics skills better.

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The term graphic indicates the sector of "production art "oriented" design "and the creation of products for visual communication .

Group encompasses several specific areas, including at least two clearly marked: graphic design (graphic design), to which today we digest the term indicating the general category of graphics - and the art graphics, industry-oriented to the reproduction of works of art in limited quantity.

The art of graphic design was born in the West in the fifteenth century by the need to produce more copies of the same image, in a society where it is developing a new class merchant and bourgeois who possess economic resources and consequently develops cultural needs more or less numerous , is achieved through the processing of a matrix , engraved manually in order to be able to be used to carry the subject on a sheet through the use of a press . The processing techniques of matrices derived from the experience of engravers of metals and precious receive a major boost from the almost simultaneous invention of book printing with movable type in the mid- fifteenth century .

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